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Friday, April 12, 2013

1,000 Reasons to Love, Today

One of the biggest temptations we have in this busy life is to get our tasks before our relationships. Sure, our drivenness to get our tasks under control is generally purposed because of the need we have within for connection: with ourselves, very certainly, but also with others, too.
But like many things in this life, what seems to make sense to us can actually be the wrong way around. When we imagine our relationships taking centre stage somehow we reach for the panic button if we are task-oriented people. If we relationship-oriented, we go in the reverse; our tasks cause us to become frustrated.
Somehow we need to manage both our tasks and our relationships to a satisfactory level. When we achieve this, in those moments of relative time-managed comfort, we feel we have room to move into love.
In reality, there are a thousand reasons to love, today. Additionally, there are a thousand opportunities to love, today. Without getting stuck on the semantics regarding the numerical order in which I’ve said this, it is true; when we see love is our purpose, we integrate it into our tasks and our relationships.
Our tasks and our relationships become seasoned appropriately by a love that considers others, and so much so that we are required to risk our faith to achieve it. We reach out.
In reaching out, by going toward another person in the openness and intimacy of love, we find God blesses us in ways that inspires more love—if we keep going, ignoring nuances of rejection. The more we engage with love the more we see reason for it and opportunities abound in our going out and coming home.
What puts love into proper context is the issue of life and death.
When we remind ourselves that we are finite beings, stationed within a world that appears so crass, but a world, all the same, where love really does reign—because God reigns—we begin to believe again that love never fails. We are not here long. Let us make the most of it.
There is no limit to love and when we submit to love alone—as if submitting to God—all pretence for life, otherwise, is shattered.
Love restores us.
Daily life is ripe with opportunities to love and when we sow into love, suchlike, we see the plethora of reasons for love itself. The more we make love our sole goal, the more God will shatter every other thing against the mode of love. If love is for us, nothing could be against us.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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