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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Liberty In Love

For my beloved, on the occasion of our fifth Wedding Anniversary.
God gave me a gift,
And that, my Princess, you are,
With you I can lift,
My life’s potential ever far.
Not that there was anything wrong with me,
But you came into my life,
And gave me wings to be free.
And still now—five years on,
I find I’m freer,
To join life’s throng.
Bristling with hope the adventure is ours,
We approach it with the fettle of two to espouse,
Upon life’s uncertainties we find a connected glow,
I know that together we cannot but grow.
Within the unrealised dreams that we both do share,
There exists between us the confidence to care,
And in visions supreme—to hold on we must,
Until death’s day when ‘we’ becomes dust.
So much possibility lay before us now,
There can only be hope for us to endow,
Beyond instants of despairing that keep us awake,
Yours and mine, together we stake.
Liberating lessons are attached to our love,
To know in advance we’re kept from above,
When we keep our hearts open and eyes to the ground,
The truth is revealed in ways to astound.
Then there are days when we’re lost in our play,
Enjoying each other’s presence as if it were all day,
In tickles and cuddles and starry night kisses,
I know I glory in the fact you’re my missus.
Our covenant with each other is to stay the course,
We, together, are a divinely-sponsored force,
With God in the middle we can only succeed,
As our Lord from Heaven has solemnly decreed.
Winsome and fair and sensitively created,
Seriously, I’m so glad that we’ve been mated,
A girlfriend, a wife, and a best friend to me,
How could I feel anything other than glee?
Seasons they come and go as they please,
For us it’s my prayer there’ll always be ease,
But in sickness and struggle, in want and need,
You shall be mine, mine indeed.
Over our five years, my Loveness, we’ve spent only two nights apart. I love sleeping with you and being intimately involved in your life. You enliven and transform me. You help me feel in so many ways. You allow me to be, and that’s nothing to be taken for granted. I love that we accept each other’s weaknesses.
On occasions like this I love the time we can spend with each other simply reflecting on how good God has been.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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