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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Waiting For the Good Thing Coming

At times we’re easily frantic for opportunities that are only about to commence. It’s a positive anxiety we experience, verging on a tinge of greed, as the taste of this new thing overwhelms us for what might be.

God knows what is good for us. Leaping ahead of the Lord is, however, about taking the reins once more, thinking our conniving will attract this good thing coming, even quicker or especially better.

Yet, as we take those reins we often spoil the good thing; the lustre of it tarnishes, or it disappears from sight.

What Will Be Will Be

Whether we do anything to influence the result of the things coming toward us, or not, is generally beside the point. We have less control over these things than we think we do. Yet, God will let us believe whatever lies go unchallenged.

Are we really masters and mistresses of our own destinies?

Whatever we do fits with God’s preordained plan, even though we might expect to think that we are the only ones choosing one specific option of a thousand.

Life works out the way it’s supposed to, even beyond goodness unto evil because of the broken world, and what will be will be.

Welcoming That Which Is Coming

The patience of self-control is what we really need as we attempt to avoid manufacturing circumstances that will see us have all we want before time or better.

The point isn’t getting our own way. The point is facilitating God’s way.

This is a hard line to draw. Who wouldn’t be tempted to stage manage a fantastic opportunity? Who wouldn’t grasp with both hands stolen fruit that’s offered in the spirit of mutual beneficence?

We can find it hard to discern what God is actually bringing. And even when we earnestly seek direction—“Is this from, or of, God?”—we’re often left wondering.

Of course, trust is the issue. If we trust in our Lord to bring us goodness, all that is coming is ultimately goodness; even, unfortunately, the bad that happens. That which is coming ought to be welcomed, but how often are we either ambivalent when we don’t want it, or overly ambitious when we do?


Good things coming are in abundance. We welcome their coming, sometimes too much. It’s better by far to wait patiently at the gate as golden opportunities arrive at our street. Even as they are gallivanting down the road we resist charging out on the busy thoroughfare to greet them. If these things are truly good they will arrive in their own time.

Biding our time is the hardest thing to do when the gates of opportunity are opening already. Yet, a moment’s patience in the midst of blessing will be, in itself, blessing.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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