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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

There Is No S_ccess without “U”

Your world’s success depends to a major degree on you. You, believe it or not, are pivotal—to others’ happiness, goals, capacities, wellbeing etc. It’s true. You have more control than you might think.

When you were placed in the world, you suddenly brought with you the ability to brighten or darken the days of those closest to you. As you grew up that circle of influence widened; suddenly you impacted anyone you could touch.

We smiled and made someone’s day; we frowned and caused someone else bother.

But, in terms of success, we will inevitably ask ourselves one important question.


When we are led to ask ourselves, “where do I fit?” we should remember the answer is so simple, but commonly elusive.

Try this:

We fit where we currently are, no matter how awkward that might seem. It doesn’t mean we don’t need to continue to explore better sized fits—the world (our world) changes and we will need, and probably want, to adapt. We may desire to create change; to design a better fit. That’s perfectly okay.

Fit is important to success. It’s easy to succeed where we fit. When we feel we don’t fit, succeeding seems like no tougher assignment. Yet, “fit” is a mind job. Our self-talk will have a lot to say about our perception of fit.

Others’ Worlds

But fit is only one aspect of success if we’re going to understand the term, in its communal context with others, globally.

Their success depends to a greater degree on us than we can imagine.

We empower or disempower, encourage or discourage, by the way we interact, and the things we endorse and promote or ridicule and disparage.

Others’ worlds are hugely impacted by us, as is ours impacted by them.

We live with interdependent arrangements more than we commonly realise. This is why trust and respect are so vital. Why would we wonder why we don’t receive the trust and respect we feel we deserve when we don’t extend these same qualities (covering for those who don’t trust or respect us when we trust and respect them)?

Success Depends on You

Our immediate world’s success really does depend on each one of us, and what we contribute from what we have to offer.

This is not about adding even more pressure to us in our interactions; it’s just about appreciating how valuable each of us is in noting we each have equal power to impact our direct worlds.

Let us never underestimate how important our personal impact is in our world. That we can make someone’s day is nothing to be taken lightly.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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