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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Patience for Difficult Times

During vacations and other high times it can bewilder us as to why we’re not happier than we should be. In the moment there’s a mismatch between expectation and reality. Varying priorities and tight schedules add to the strain and it’s so easy to sound-off at a family member or even an innocent bystander.

Just before mental control is lost and the emotional reaction comes it helps if the little voice of the Lord is discerned and heeded. This voice gently reminds us that weakness is coming; a minute of resilience is needed. Patience delivers confidence, but a relinquishing of emotional control breaks down our hope as guilt is destined later to strike.

Let us pray for patience... for those tremulous seconds of weakness and strain.

Responding in Patience

Then there are times when a lack of patience means we enter damage control.

It’s still not too late for patience, though coming from behind seems harder. The truth is we can commence a more patient line anytime.

Of course, there’ll be times when it’s others who are sounding-off and times like that require the patient response so situations are not exacerbated. This is rejecting the hurt of the moment—absorbing it. This is done easier than we think. There’s no logical sense in getting hurt or losing patience by reacting to someone else’s lack of patience. We are capable of countering better than that. Perhaps we loan them some grace.

Life is a test. More when we least expect it. Patience is the key.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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